Here at The Salvation Army, we are privileged to be located in such a vibrant and diverse community, and it is our prayerful passion to serve and love our community in Jesus’ name. Our worship on Sundays is bilingual, in English and Spanish, and is composed of contemporary elements and a variety of musical styles. Whether this is your first or fiftieth time here, you are invited to join us in discovering just what a beautiful journey life can be with God directing our paths.

10 AM — Bilingual worship service
11:30 AM — Christian Education: These small group bible studies gather after worship service on Sundays to discuss God’s word and take the next steps in our spiritual journey. Coffee & snacks available. Kroc Tot care provided. Call Major Marc Johnson at 616.588.7200 ext. 2001 for more information.


OT Reboots: Familiar Stories, Fresh Meaning
Sundays, 10 am 
|  June 28–September 6

We’ll be exploring Old Testament stories in a new light, including:

•  Abraham & Isaac
•  Baalam’s Donkey
•  Daniel & The Lion’s Den
•  David & Goliath
•  Elijah & The Prophets of Baal
•  Jericho
•  Jonah
•  Noah
•  Samson
•  10 Plagues
•  Tower of Babel

Join us to grow in faith as we study these life-changing stories from the Old Testament at Kroc Church.


Sundays, 10:30 am–11:15 pm, Fireside Hall

Music, dancing, laughing, games—we will have a great time while learning about God’s word in Kids Worship! Every Sunday morning children (ages 6-11 yrs) will have the opportunity to learn about God’s word in an interactive environment. Please call 616.588.7200 ext. 2004 for more information.


Sundays, 9:45–12:15 am, RJ’s Clubhouse
Every Sunday morning infants and toddlers (newborn–5 yrs) will be nurtured and loved while they learn about the love of Jesus through volunteer nursery workers. Please call at 616.588.7200 ext. 2004 for more information.

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