The Salvation Army Kroc Center is committed to keeping all members safe. Please bring your own towel and lock when visiting the facility, and review our guidelines below:

Family Membership Definition

A Family Membership type is for up to two (2) related adult (18+) individuals and their dependent children up to age 26 sharing a residency. Verification of home address is required for everyone 18+ years of age. Acceptable forms of verification include a state ID, pay stub, tax form, utility bill, health insurance, rental contract. Handwritten letters or subscriptions are not acceptable.

Monthly Payments

Membership fees can be paid monthly using a credit or debit card. Due to federal government guidelines, we are unable to accept Green Dot, Direct Express, prepaid credit or prepaid debit cards for reoccurring monthly payments. Prorated membership fees and required registration fees will be due at the time of enrollment and will vary depending upon enrollment date. Membership fees for the following month will automatically be deducted from the member account on the 20th of each month or the next business day. Any requested changes must be submitted in writing on a “Membership Change Form” prior to the 10th of the month in order to take effect the following month.

Annual Payments

Annual payments may be paid in full by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Fees are equivalent to 12 monthly payments. The annual payment and required registration fee are due at time of enrollment.

Membership Changes/Suspensions

Changes to a membership must be submitted in writing using the appropriate form. Any requested change that affects the billing of the membership must be submitted by the 10th of the month to take effect the following month. Members may suspend a membership for a minimum of 3 months and maximum 6 months for a $5 per month charge. Proof of alternative residence, loss of income, or medical reason must be shown at time of change request. Membership downgrades are subject to a $25 change fee. Changes to membership may take up to 3 business days to process.

Membership Cancellations

Membership and registration fees are nonrefundable. In order to cancel a membership, members must submit a “Membership Cancellation” form by the 10th of the current month for it to take effect the following month. If a member cancels or if membership payment lapses for more than 60 days, the appropriate registration fee will be charged to reopen the membership account. There is no fee charged to cancel a membership.

Declined Payments & Returned Check Policy

There is a $30 fee charged for each declined payment or returned check. This places your membership and participation in programs on hold until payment is received.

Membership Cards

Membership cards assist with the check in process and are required to gain entry. If a membership card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to the Welcome Desk. There is a $1 fee to replace a membership card. Cards are not transferable.

Financial Assistance/Scholarship Program

Patrons who cannot afford a Kroc Center membership can apply for a scholarship. Eligibility for this program is based on income level. Scholarship applications are available online or at the welcome desk.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for purchase at the front desk and can be used to pay for memberships, class and program fees, facility rentals, merchandise, and café items. Gift cards cannot be used for class materials, theater & performance tickets, vendor events, or non-Kroc-sponsored events.


Athletic equipment is available to sign out at the gym office.


Free lockers are available throughout the facility. Guests are responsible for supplying their own lock and must remove their belongings on a daily basis. Locks remaining on lockers at the close of business will be removed. Locks are available to purchase at the Welcome Desk. Additional lockers are available at a nominal fee (one quarter coin per key turn) that do not require a personal lock. The Welcome Desk is unable to make change for these lockers. The Salvation Army Kroc Center is not responsible for lost or stolen property. We encourage valuables to be left at home. Gym bags, cell phones, keys, purses, and jackets are required to be placed in lockers and are not allowed on the floors of activity spaces.

Facility Access

  • For the safety and security of all, members are required to check in at the Welcome Desk with their membership card.
  • Spectators are required to purchase a Day Pass.

Child Facility Access

  • 0–11 year olds must be accompanied by an adult at the Kroc Center.
  • 12–15 year olds may use the fitness equipment with an adult after completing a fitness equipment orientation.
  • 12+ year olds may use any area on the first floor of the facility without an adult.
  • 16+ may use the entire facility.


Appropriate dress is required while using the the Kroc Center.

  • All clothing must exhibit good taste, contain no offensive words or pictures (as deemed by staff), and be clean.
  • Clothing must reasonably cover core body parts.
  • All pants and shorts must be worn above the waistline with no excessive amount of undergarments showing.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, except when in the pool.
  • Shoes must be clean of dirt and not leave marks. Open-toed shoes, such as sandals, are not permitted on the fitness floor.
  • Wet clothing is not allowed outside the pool or locker rooms.

Food/Beverage Policy

  • Food and beverages are permitted in designated areas only.
  • Only spill-proof sport bottles are allowed on the fitness floor and in the gym.

Aquatics Center Guidelines

Please click here to read our aquatics center guidelines.

Safety Standards

The Salvation Army Kroc Center is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for our guests. Activities that violate the law, threaten the safety of our guests and employees, disrupt our family environment and business or are inconsistent with the general purpose of the Kroc Center will not be tolerated on our campus.

Examples of prohibited activities include but are not limited to:

  • Use of profanity, vulgar or threatening language
  • Horseplay and disorderly conduct
  • Excessive loitering
  • Being under the influence of and/or in possession of alcohol or drugs
  • Use of tobacco products
  • Possession of weapons such as guns, knives, tasers, etc., with the exception of on-duty or on-call law enforcement officials, whose weapon(s) must on their person at all times while at the Kroc Center.

The Kroc Center is privately owned. Guests who disregard guidelines will be asked to leave the campus and may face criminal charges.

Weather Policy

In cases of severe weather, the Kroc Center may cancel programs and drop-in classes held prior to 4 PM. A determination will be made at 2 PM for programs and classes starting after 4 PM. For closure information, visit or, or call (616) 588.7200. All efforts will be made to create a make-up class if it is cancelled due to inclement weather or causes beyond our control. Partial refunds are not available. The decision to close the Kroc Center will be made independently of the decision to cancel classes and programs.

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