1. Please bring your own towel. To help keep our pricing as affordable as possible, the Kroc Center does not provide towel service.
  2. A shower is required before pool entry.
  3. A lined bathing suit is required for the pool. Street clothing, cutoffs and gym shorts are not permitted.
  4. The following items/actions are prohibited:
    • Running, diving and horseplay that includes sitting on the shoulders of others, throwing patrons and hanging on lap lanes
    • Hard plastic toys and balls that may cause injury if thrown
    • Food and gum
    • Use by anyone with a communicable disease or open sore
  5. Lifejackets will be provided by the Kroc Center. All outside lifejackets must be approved by the pool supervisor. No outside inflatables are permitted.
  6. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants.
  7. Children aged 6 and under must have an adult (16 years or older) in the water with them at arms length at all times.
  8. For children 6 and under, a maximum of five children can be supervised per adult in the water.
  9. Children 7–11 years old must be accompanied in the water by a responsible individual aged 16 years or older. Once the child can pass a swim test, the supervision will be poolside.
  10. Lifeguards may stop any activity that may cause injury or conflict. Persons refusing to obey the rules are subject to removal from the facility.


  1. Patrons of all ages should use the gender appropriate locker room. Patrons with children of the opposite gender are required to use the family changing room.
  2. Personal items should be locked in a locker. The Kroc Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Lockers are for daily use only and locks will be removed by staff if left overnight.
  4. Breakable items are not permitted.
  5. The use of cell phones or cameras in the locker room is prohibited and may result in the immediate expulsion from the facility.


  1. Riders must be at least 48″ tall.
  2. One rider at a time. When finished, exit the catch pool immediately. No person may catch another at the bottom of the slide.
  3. Riders must go down slide on their back or bottom, feet first. Kneeling, standing, spinning or stopping is not permitted.
  4. Goggles, glasses, jewelry, flotation devices, metal objects such as swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or anything that may damage the slide are not allowed.
  5. The slide may be closed at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  6. Ride at your own risk.
  7. No horseplay while waiting in line.
  8. Maximum rider weight is 300 lbs.
  9. People whom have medical conditions should consult with a physician before use.


  1. Children must be 48″ tall or able to pass a swim test to be allowed in the lazy river or vortex alone. (see pool office for swim test)
  2. Standing on, sliding over or swimming under tubes is not permitted.
  3. Tubes are only permitted in the lazy river.
  4. Jumping into the lazy river from the pool deck is prohibited.
  5. Horseplay, climbing on walls, and walking on the center island is not permitted.


  1. The minimum age to use the hot tub is 12.
  2. Pregnant women, elderly and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes or high or low blood pressure should not enter without prior medical consultation and permission form their doctor.
  3. Soak time should be limited to 15 minutes.
  4. Submerging head and horseplay is not permitted.


  1. Supervision required for children aged 11 or younger.
  2. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants.
  3. The following items/actions are prohibited:
    • Running and horseplay will not be permitted in the splash pad area.
    • Hard plastic toys and balls that may cause injury if thrown
    • Food and gum
    • Use by anyone with a communicable disease or open sore.
    • Hanging on splash pad features is not permitted.


  1. Lap swimming only when lap lines are in the pool.
  2. A circular pattern will be used when more than two swimmers are in a lane. Swim in a counter-clockwise direction and with those of similar ability. Swimmers continually being passed or passing others should consider switching lanes. The lifeguard has authority to assign lanes for maximum usage.
  3. Kick boards, pull buoys, paddles and fins may be used for fitness training during lap swim only.
  4. The minimum age to use the lap lanes is 12.
  5. Stopping, standing and aqua jogging in the lap lane area is prohibited during lap swim.

For a complete list of guidelines, please refer to the pool office.

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